Term 2/2022 Sweet Dreams & Speakeasy Spectacular Enrolments are NOW OPEN

Even with Covid-19 the studio is opened however there are guidelines that will need to be followed to keep everyone safe.

We will only be to take fully vaccinated students as NAFA requires all to be vaccinated that includes performers, staff and audience. Proof of vaccination will be required too.

Term 2 will commence on the 18th April 2022 and will run for 10 weeks in the studio and this term we will be running not 1 but 2 Performance Courses as apart of NAFA. Course 1 is Sweet Dreams and it is designed for group performances, Course 2 is Speakeasy Spectacular and it is designed for solo/duet performers!

Sweet Dreams Performance Courses:

Chair Sass with Bella

  • Monday 6:30pm

Silk Fans with Bella

  • Monday 7:30pm

Burlesque with Bella

  • Tuesday 6:30pm

Hip Hop with Paris

  • Tuesday 7:30pm

Showgirls with Bella

  • Wednesday 6:30pm

Jazz with Bella

  • Wednesday 7:30pm

Tap Dance with Renee

  • Thursday 5:30pm

Brazilian Samba with Bella

  • Thursday 6:30pm (Experience Required)

Hot Heels with Paris

  • Thursday 6:30pm

Contemporary with Paris

  • Thursday 7:30pm

Speakeasy Spectacular Performance Courses:

Headliner Class 1 with Bella

  • Tuesday 7:30pm

Headliner Class 2 with Bella

  • Thursday 7:30pm
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Speakeasy Spectacular T2_2022 Course Banner

Performance Course Enrollment

Sign up now for a Performance Course!

  • Enrollments open to 18+
    $40 deposit required per course to book spot.
  • 10 weeks performance term.
  • $170 for one. Multiples receive DISCOUNT. 

Please read the Terms and Conditions prior to completing this form!

Terms and Conditions

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Bella Dance Affairs

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