Student Code of Conduct

  • Students agree to comply with staff recommendations and instructions regarding safe dancing and equipment use (including chairs and barres ect)
  • Students agree to be courteous and respectful to all other students and staff.
  • Students are required to respect the studio property and premises.
  • Students are required to moderate their language, conversation and behaviour when they are representing the studio.
  • Students are required to clean up after themselves and maintain clean studio and amenities.
  • Students are required to be respectful when other classes are taking place.
  • Students should refrain from instructing fellow students. Any issues must instead be directed to the instructor.
  • Appropriate clothing must be worn, including footwear, and coverage should be adequate so as to not offend other members or staff.
  • Students agree not to produce images or videos of fellow students or Bella Dance Affairs staff for public viewing on social media without the expressed permission of each individual.
  • Performance course classes are not to be shared on social media of any kind without permission from Bella Dance Affairs.
  • Stealing is not tolerated and will result in immediate expulsion form the studio. Whether direct acquisition of another person’s property, not paying studio fees or not signing in to class and paying the required fees, without making prior agreement with the studio owner.

This code of conduct is in place to ensure maximum enjoyment for all students and staff at Bella Dance Affairs.